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Welcome To Pension Releasers

Looking to release your pension? We can help you.

Here at “pension releasers” we have experts in the field of pension release and will endeavour to help you in any way we can in relation to facilitating your access of your pension pot.

Why Would Someone Want “Pension Release”?

People can want to release cash from their pension for a number of reasons.

Some will use pension release for home improvement or to pay off debts, some will use the money to finance a wedding or a dream cruise along the Mediterranean, in this day and age people are not necessarily happy to wait until they’re 65 in order to get their hands on their pension money, this is the main reason why people look for pension release facilities, in order to help the process.

Is It True That You Can Only Release Your Pension Over 55?

In the conventional sense, legally it’s only possiblt to release your pension if you’re over 55, however there may be other options available to people that are under 55.

How Much Of My Pension Can I Release?

In terms of the sum of money you can release that is locked in your pension, this will be dependant on the value of your pension, however for UK residents over the age of 55, there is an option to release up to 25% of their private pension tax free.

In the event that an individual is below the age of 55 there are options available to people in that position however it is important that they seek the advice of an expert, you can do this using our website by getting in touch with pension review experts using the form to the upper right side of the page.

The usual circumstance is that there is an individual residing in the UK they are over 55 and they wish to access their pension early, if this is you make contact with us straightaway so we can put you in touch with the right people to help facilitate this for you.

How Quickly Can I Get My Hands On My Pension Money

The speed at which your pension is released is dependant on a few different factors:

(1) How Quickly You Begin The Process of Releasing Your Pension Fund

(2) The efficiency of the people handling the administrative procedure (we endeavour to be as efficient as possible in the handling of these cases for people, we are understanding of the need for efficiency for all potential pension review clients)

(3) The complexities in locating the pension funds (this can be both straightforward and complex) however there are almost always reliable ways for pension experts to locate a clients’ pension, this should not stop you at any stage of proceedings.

In order to get started in your pension release, get in touch with us using the form to the upper right hand side of the page and our advisers’ will be in touch to get started.

Will I Qualify For Pension Release?

This is best answered by an expert pension review member of staff, you can receive a call-back from an expert by submitting your details at the upper right side of the page & a representative will answer your enquiry.

Beware Of Pension Scams

One thing that people whom are looking into pension release or any other kind of “pension switch” or alternative pension investment will need to be aware of is that there are unscrupulous companies out there in circulation that may try to lead clients’ into bad investments or scam investments, here is an important resource that can provide insight in what to avoid when it comes to immoral pensions companies.

Frequently Asked Questions – Releasing Pensions

1/ “Can I release my pension?” – If you have a private UK pension then the chances are there is a way in which you can release the funds from that pension, however there are different factors that must be taken into account (mentioned above but for the sake of information we will mention them here)

a) Age – are you over the age of 55? If so you should be able to release your pension (provided you have a private pension you have been making contributions into over a period of time).

What if I am under 55 & still wish to release my pension? – This can be more tricky however there is a solution for individuals under the age of 55 years to gain access to funds against their pension.

The short answer is: if you have a private pension fund you have been making contributions into it is likely there is a way you can access your pension money.

2/ “How Much Of My Pension Can I Release?” – You should be able to release up to 25% of your pension as a tax free lump sum, our associates can help to facilitate this for you, (for example: if you have a £100,000 pension you should be able to release up to £25,000 tax free, if your pension fund is £300,000, you should be able to release up to £75,000 tax free) feel free to get in touch with us for assistance with this or any other aspect of pension release.

3/ “How Quickly Can I access my pension fund?” – This is dependant on a set of factors:

(1) Do your pensions first need to be traced? (we can assist you with this process – you need not worry) but if so you will need to take this into account when setting your expectations on how fast you can get hold of your pension cash.

(2) How many pensions do you have? (we can assist with this also) and the nature of the pensions themselves may or may not have a bearing on how fast your money is made available, this should not deter you, we have specialist colleagues that can help with a broad range of pension queries, no need for panic.

(3) The amount and percentage of cash you wish to release (this should not affect things to a large degree) but larger financial transactions may take longer.

We will handle the administrative side of releasing your pension, with our help you have a good chance of accessing your money as quickly as possible.