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  • Can Release £10,000s From Your Pension
  • Qualified Pensions Experts & Specialists
  • Tax Free Lump Sum From Your Pension
  • Avoid Pension Scammers
  • Avoid Time Consuming Red-Tape
  • Fast Release Of Funds For Any Purpose
  • Pay Off Debts, Pay For Occasions Or Any Purpose


Here Are Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) that people may ask when met with an online resource such as pension releasers .co.ukpension releasers .co.uk

1) What does this website actually do?

Basically this website is the be considered a lead generation website that puts interested visitors that have opted in (completed the quick online form to the upper right hand side of the page) in touch with pension review experts that look into the personal circumstances of the client and provide information as to what is possible.

The selling point with us is that we have handpicked our lead partners from which we provide the enquiries to, we don’t partner with just anyone, we feel that by referring customers through to high quality pensions experts this in turn will reflect well on us and our good reputation will spread, resulting in more visitors and growth of both our website and our business.

This website offers no financial advice whatsoever.

2/ Do you sell my personal information to third parties that will cold call and harass me?

NO. This is not the case. We do not sell your information to any third parties whatsoever.

Basically, once you have opted in (submitted your information to our website using the online form) you will be contacted by a selected pensions review expert to discuss options available to you.

3/ Will I definitely be able to release my pension money?

In order to release 25% of your pension tax free you will need to be 55 years of age or over. HOWEVER there could be options available to you if your age is below 55 years of age, it is worth you getting in touch with us so the experts can advise you of what could be a possibility for you in your situation.