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SIPPS Claims

SIPPs Claims, Getting Justice For People With Miss Sold SIPPs

Many people during the course of the last 50 years have been miss sold SIPPs.

The Good News About Miss Sold SIPPs

The good news is that many people who have been miss sold self invested personal pensions are able to claim compensation, provided it is found that there has been a valid miss sale of a SIPP.

Read further to find out more information & find out how we can help you.

What Are “SIPPs”?

“SIPPs” are “Self invested personal pensions” these are pension products that are commonly marketed to individuals holding a private pension and are often miss sold.

How Are SIPPs Miss Sold?

Usually Self invested personal pensions are miss sold as a result of low quality financial advice from a source that usually has a vested interest in the investment of the person they are pitching to.

There are many pensions and investments companies operating that are or have miss sold investments in the form of SIPPs to members of the British public for years, and if you have been miss sold an investment of this type, you could be eligible for compensation.

How Can I Claim For A Miss Sold SIPP?

One option is to make contact with our company as we are able to help you claim compensation for your miss sold investment.

We have expert advisers’ and solicitors with experience in facilitating claims for these investments who are willing and able to help you.

To get in touch with us simply complete the quick form to the upper right hand side of the page to begin the claims’ process.

Other options involve hiring a solicitor for representation, however this may be time consuming for you as only certain solicitors will handle this kind of financial claim, & some may charge upfront fees for the legal representation – we on the other hand are happy to investigate your potential claim & we save you the hassle of searching for legal representation because we have our own solicitors that handle SIPPs complaints.

We have you covered.

Am I Eligible to Claim For A Miss Sold SIPP Investment?

Broadly speaking, the short answer to such a question is as follows: if you feel you have been miss sold a SIPP you should get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can investigate the matter on your behalf, it is likely that one or more of the below listed criteria applies to your case, but this can only be confirmed after investigation.

The Detailed Answer & Criteria:

It is usually possible to claim compensation if one or more of the following applies (of which you may need us to verify for you hence recommending you get in touch with us):

1. Were you given poor quality financial advice? Were you encouraged to take on an investment that was recommended to you which later turned out to be a bad decision?
2. Did you receive advice from someone who was unauthorized to give financial advice? According to Section 19 of the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Act 2000) prohibits unauthorized advisers’ & professionals from working with regulated investment activities (this includes advising on investments & investment management).
If, a SIPP investor has received advice & guidance from someone who does not have the necessary authorization or accreditation, a contract entered into by the investor with the unauthorized person may be unenforceable.
In that case, it is common for an investor to be able to recover losses.
3. Were you invited to engage in an investment activity that was packaged as a “financial promotion?” with a company that had no FCA authorization?
4. Did you receive advice that was unclear, unfair or misleading? If so it could be in breach of “COBS” (Conduct Of Business Sourcebook) which is a rule-book that includes guidelines for communicating with clients or potential clients.
5. Have you suffered financial miss management or negligent mis-representation from an alternative investment company?

As an additional note in addendum to the above: it may also be possible to file a claim with the Fos (Financial Ombudsman Service) either directly or through their “FSCS” (Financial Services Compensation Scheme).

All of the above items for consideration, we can help verify with you, contact us to begin the process.

SIPPs Mis Selling – Commonly Miss Sold SIPPs

Commonly miss sold SIPPs are the likes of the following products/options (not an exhaustive list):

1/ Commercial Property SIPPs – These are commonly miss sold as a high risk investment for individuals with a medium/high net worth, some financial advisers’ have encouraged and co-erced investors to participate in high risk investments of this nature.

2/ Overseas’ Land Purchase/ Land Purchasing SIPPs – Another commonly miss sold SIPP product. Involves the purchasing of land abroad or overseas’ these can be high risk investments as overseas’ territory can often have legislative or legal issues with the purchasing, there can be pitfalls with overseas land investments.

3/ Environmental Based SIPPs – These are another commonly miss sold investment, sometimes it can be an agricultural investment or a cultivation-based investment as a SIPP.

4/ General Overseas Investments/ SIPPs Abroad – Overseas investments in general that have dissolved or run into logistical problems are commonly miss sold investments.

There are many types of miss sold investment the above examples are for informational purposes.

Why Claim With Us?

We have experienced solicitors that can help you claim compensation for your miss sold self invested personal pension, we hire people whom are highly experienced in matters of all types of financial claims and SIPPs is another area we specialize in.

We can also find out if you have a valid claim for your miss sold pension scheme, we will check all of the criterion mentioned above and provide insight as to whether or not you have a claim that should be pursued.

We have already successfully facilitated the SIPPs claims for people, and won significant amounts of compensation through our experience and our endeavors.

For a no obligation review, make contact with us using the form to the upper right hand side of the page.